Posted on
23 May 2015


Brad Brown - Physiotherapist
Book in your bike fit with our experienced team to optimise your bike Set-Up today! Our Physiotherapist with an extensive background in bicycle mechanics, training and competition means we are fully equipped to consider your injury needs and all technical bicycle adjustments.

We understand cycling and how your body moves. We look at individual needs and take into consideration all aspects to achieve a fit that performs to your potential. A physiotherapists framework ensures the process will be tailored to you and gives you the insight to best utilize your new capabilities and achieve your goals.

Whether you’ve purchased a new bike or in need of a tune up our Bike Fit can help you.

Basic setup... $80 (exclusive of parts)

  • Adjust seat height and anatomical position

  • Adjust handlebar position to suit required posture

  • Accessory swapping or replacement as required

  • Dynamic observation of cycling technique

Full Bike Fit... $180 (exclusive of parts)

  • Detailed injury screening

  • Full anatomical analysis of current range of motion and strengths

  • Assessment of cycling technique for control and power

  • Shoe and cleat assessment and re-set

  • Whole body static and dynamic bike fit

  • Accessories swapping or replacement as required

  • Trial periods & follow up consultations as required

  • Professional experience in all styles of cycling to provide tailored education for best long term results and progress

What do you need to bring?

  • Your regular cycling kit; including clothing, shoes, helmet, gloves and your Bike!

  • We provide access to a stationary trainer and tools required for the set-up process

Call or Email to book a time that suits you and we'll let you know time frames required!